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Pete Forsyth. Photo by Ellis Christopher, licensed CC-BY.

I'm Pete Forsyth. I've been working with wikis since the early 2000s, and have focused mostly on Wikipedia.

I created a program to support educators in using Wikipedia as a teaching tool (see here for what it's become) and an online course for learning to edit Wikipedia (see here ).

I'm interested in the Writing with Wikipedia concept for using Wikipedia and Federated Wiki together; I believe that page was started by David Bovill.

What I'm doing here

I've been following Ward Cunningham's work with Federated Wiki for several years. As of 2017, I'm working on two things here:

1. Exploring the necessary technical conditions for effective collaboration. This is mostly taking place at Forsyth Criteria. I will likely start a new wiki devoted to the concept soon.

2. Journaling: Ward attributes this idea to Mike Caulfield, that Federated Wiki is a good tool for capturing ideas from various things I read online. Here's Forsyth journal 2017

Comments? Try @holden on Twitter.

I've worked in educational technology since the 1990s. I'm currently exploring applications of federated wiki to education. Most of my day is spent helping faculty integrate technology into teaching as Washington State University Vancouver as the Director of Blended and Networked Learning.

How to use Federated Wiki

How to Wiki is a resource for how to use the Federated Wiki.

Fedwiki Tools is a useful resource.

This site reflects my efforts to engage with the Federated Wiki, under development by Ward Cunningham and others. It's experimental and evolving.

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What's going on in the Federation

Here we can follow recent writings from researchers as OSCEDays in Bilbao. Here we follow changes from Bilbao Commons Researchers and Projects in Bilbao

Paul Glader, associate professor of journalism at The King's College in New York City, writing for Forbes says, Realizing that millions more people are scratching their heads, wondering what to read and where to spend their subscription dollars, here are my top large journalistic brands where I believe you can most often find real, reported facts. post

We write here about what we've been reading and the ideas that spawn from that. Dot line marks end quote.

Questions and thoughts about SFW

* This is my wiki -- can I choose a different license? * How do I add a wiki to my "neighborhood"?